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Varta  Company Was Established in 2005 by group of experts and specialists in poultry and cattle Slaughterhouses industry. The principle objective is to promote hygiene and quality of meat processing within the industry by making fundamental changes in designs, and to provide higher levels of consulting service in addition to equipments and machinery for related facilities .continuous cooperation of Varta Sanat Pars engineering as an exclusive agent of reputable B.M.F of Germany, under direction of  Mr. Jens Thasler , (leading designer and manufacturer of slaughterhouse and equipments in Europe), has proved a turning poing in updating and optimizing current facilities and also offering the latest technology for never slaughterhouses all meeting the highest levels of current European standards.

Varta Mohaseb Pars  Co. offers expertise in all fields of engineering, researching, consulting, designing and implementing which have been listed as following:

  1. Poultry, cattle and sheep slaughtering Lines
  2. Meat and fish processing and packing Lines
  3. Meat processing, fearther processing and fast food Lines.
  4. Cold storage units to preserve Protein food product , diary products products and fruits
  5. Water and wastewater treatment engineering
  6. Consulting and designing services, industrial research within food industry factories, Recycle plan and water and wastewater treatment engineering

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