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Installation for Cold Storage Unit System

Varta Mohaseb Pars Company and its technical experts have provide and offered refrigeration equipment such as:

  • air cooled condensers (Ammonia and Freon)
  • evaporative condensers (Ammonia and Freon)
  • ammonia operator
  • industrial cooling tower (in the form of open and close circuit tower)
  • pressure vessel
  • receiver tanks and HP and LP tanks (high pressure and low pressure tanks) for ammonia cooling systems (R717)
  • oil separator
  • equipment required for making block ice factory
  • ice bank( Ammonia and Freon)

Design and industrial group of this company have installed so many cooling units such as protein food preservation units, fruits and diary cold storage units and making block ice factories in all over Iran.

Sunday Dec 26, 2021  Time: 15:10
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