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Water & Wastewater Treatment Engineering

One of the human problem living in their third thousand period of their life is environmental problem. Although, it has not passed a long time from the industry revolution, because of its relevant problem, those countries that are powerful in industry and technology have transferred their polluted industries to developing countries. Considering each industrial step to make a new product has a significant affect on environment and makes prominent changes on ecosystem which make us pay attention more to protect our living environment and avoid ruining it. Thus, one essential factor to protect our living environment and increase the public hygiene quality level is based on refinement of urban and industrial sewage.

In this case, Varta Mohaseb Pars Company and its technical experts have designed and implemented sewage frame and utilized new solution in refining of municipal and industrial sewage. More over, by using up-to-date knowledge it designed, implemented, installed and started up the equipments proportional to the latest technology and international standards. Some of the equipments are as following:

  1. design and implementation of dissolved air flotation (DAF) in order to remove fat, oil and suspended material in industrial sewage
  2. design and implementation of bio tower in order to be used portable in various types of sewage systems
  3. design and implementation of different types of sewage refinement (portable)
  4. packages used at houses and industry based on sewage input DEBI (portable)
  5. design and implementation of various mechanical automatic descaler
  6. design and implementation of packages to inject chemical and antisepticised material
  7. design and implementation of mixers
  8. providing different kinds of required equipment such as different types of blowers, compressors, gearbox of electromotor for particular cases, sewage drawn electro pomp, air diffuser in disk shape, pipe shape and bag shape, equipment for concentrating and sewage tankaging by centrifuge machine, filter press and belt press, different types of cartridge filters and particular filters, control boards, different types of valves and junctions.

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