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Rendering Plant

The Rendering Plant For Treatment of Waste of The Poultry& Cattle Slaughterhouse and Fish Processing Is a Modern System of Recycling The Offal, Feathers and Blood Into a Mixed Poultry Meal.

In a Varta Mohaseb Pars CO Rendering Plant, a Great Deal Of Inedible Raw Materials, Such as Fish Offal, Viscera, Head, Feet, Feather, Blood and Flotation Sludge and Fat Can be Rendered Into Poultry Meal.

By Processing The Poultry by- Products in a VMPCO Rendering Plant, a rich Nutritive Fish Mael, Meat Mael, Feather Meal, Blood Meal and Tallow is Obtained.

A condensation System to Condense The vapors Out of The Cooker –Dryer is installed to prevent Excessive Pollution of the Environment.

Varta Mohaseb Pars Rendering Plant is a better Choice in:

  • Energy Saving
  • Low Initial investment
  • High Efficiency
  • Easy to Operate and Needless for Professional Operators

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