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Processing Packing Lines & Fast Food

It is believed that due to the great number of processing of various products compared to the facility in industrial slaughterhouse in the country, it is not possible to perform all the processing. In this case, by manufacturing these units in addition to make a competitive situation to produce a hygienic protein food, it would guarantee product quality by acting based on the standards like HACCP. This would lead to have much various products and make customer have more options to choose.

Thus, Varta Mohaseb Pars Company have designed and implemented domestic equipment and offered modern European machines and equipment regarding to customers’ requests. While designing the site and placement of machinery, all the prerequisites to apply, based on the standards, are considered. Moreover, ability to be developed in the future is predicted.

Varta Mohaseb Pars company by accompanying with companies like NOCK, KOLBE, FATOS-AS, K.T, FENDO, VAKONA, IBIS, VARIOVAC from European Union and KENT MASTER, HOLLY MATIC from North America and utilizing European latest knowledge in designing of production lines, providing machinery and equipment of meat products processing and Fearther Processing such as sausages factories and supplying machinery and equipment for fast food such as production lines of hamburger, chicken burger, fish burger, various types of salads, pizza, nugget, providing particular quick freezing equipment (QFE) and at last different kinds of machines for final packaging to preserve product for longer period of time has been successful to offer top services to its customers.

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