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Varta Sanat Pars Hamgam

Varta Sanat Pars Hamgam is an engineering company within food Industrial media. It offers technical and engineering services, design, development and implementation of food industry machinery and equipment.

Varta Sanat Pars Hamgam Company has more than 50 years of experience of its executive management team to increase hygiene and quality level of food industry and to achieve world-class hygienic standards.

Varta Sanat Pars Hamgam Co. offers expertise in all fields of engineering, researching, consulting, designing and implementing which have been listed as following:

1- Poultry Processing Equipment and Machinery and B.M.F  Germany (www.bmf-poultry.com)Exclusive Agency in Iran           
2- Cattel , Sheep and Ostrich Slaughterhouses
3- Rendering Plant (Protein Recovery Plant)
4- Chicken , Meat And Fish Processing Packing Lines And Fast food
5- Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering
6- Installation For Cold Storage Unit System ( Ammonia and Freon)

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